Are you ready to finally stop SUFFERING from Neuropathy?

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Our Neuropathy Patients Have Completed Over 100,000+ Daily Home Treatments!

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Our Neuropathy Patients Have Completed Over 100,000+ Daily Home Treatments!

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"Our studies suggest clinical LED’s may be advantageous to Nerve Regeneration."

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"Electrical Stimulation should be considered in the treatment of type II painful neuropathy."

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"Treatment with MIRE was associated with improved foot sensation."


Our home care options allow us to help patients who live close or far away from our clinic. Our home care also saves patients a lot of TIME and MONEY versus in clinic treatments! We have expertise in this as our patients have completed over 100,000+ daily home treatments with our guidance!


  • Call Our Clinic

    Our doctors will review your case and recommend the best home protocol for you. All paperwork can be completed online!


  • Home Protocols

    Either by phone or in clinic, our staff will instruct you on how to perform the home treatments. All protocols come with easy-to-follow instructions and guides!


  • Home Treatments

    Home treatments are 45 minutes, safe, effective, and done daily while relaxing at home watching tv or reading a book. Patients says it’s easy to do!


  • Follow Up Support

    Our clinic makes regular check in calls and If needed, our clinic can help guide you through the process if you have any further questions.



    Most patients will begin to notice improvements in as little as 2-4 weeks.



    While most clinics want you coming back in monthly for maintenance treatments the rest of your life, our patients use their home program monthly to maintain their results with no additional costs.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

  • Lifestyle & health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, chemotherapy, obesity and high cholesterol can lead to poor blood flow and nerve degeneration in the hands or feet.

  • Nerve damage leads to symptoms of:
    • Numbness
    • Tingling
    • Burning Pain
    • Stabbing Pain
    • Shooting Pain
    • Cramping
    • Restless Leg
    • Balance Problems

  • Leaving Neuropathy untreated is a very risky gamble. As damage continues, symptoms usually worsen and become irreparable. Severe cases can lead to falls, wheelchairs and amputations!


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We understand you are skeptical.

You’ve most likely have been told by your doctor or neurologist that you’ll just have to live with your neuropathy and that nothing can be done.

As you heard in the video above, we often get called the “Last Hope Clinic” by our patients.

Many of them were told that nothing more could be done and that they would have to just live with it as it gets worse.

Thankfully, our patients decided that “just living with it” was not an option they were interested in.

Our patients end up finding our clinic just like you did by doing their own research and ended up choosing our clinic because of all the success we have had in helping people.

HOW DOES THE Home Treatment WORK?

Unlike prescription medications that only mask the problem, our program addresses the root cause of your symptoms by stimulating regeneration in the blood vessels and nerves causing your symptoms.


Each daily home treatment device creates a specific stimulus in the targeted area that comfortably penetrates the damaged tissue.

Similar to lifting weights to stimulate muscle growth, home treatments stimulate the body to repair blood flow, tissue repair, and nerve regeneration.

This specific program has helped our patients by…

  • Increasing Blood Flow

  • Stimulating Growth Factors

  • Stimulating Nerve Regeneration

  • Stimulating Growth of New Blood Vessels

What Does the RESEARCH Say?

All of our home treatments used in our program have been used across the world clinically for over 30+ years.

Neuropathy Books

There have been 1000’s of articles written on these types of therapies for all sorts of different health applications.

Many professional sports teams use these same therapies to help heal their injured athletes as quickly as possible.

Over the past 9 years of working with mostly neuropathy patients, our Doctors have created their own proprietary treatment program that incorporates 5 unique treatments that all need to be applied in a specific order and frequency to get results.

What are the Home Treatment Benefits?

  • Private & Discrete from Home.

  • No Time Wasted driving for in-clinic treatments. We also can help patients who live far from our clinic. Many of our patients live in surrounding states.

  • Save Money! Home care is much cheaper than in clinic are.

  • FDA Cleared devices for home use.

  • Our Clinic Experience! We’ve guided over 100,000+ daily home sessions by our patients. Our doctors are only a phone call away if needed.

  • $0 Ongoing Cost to Maintain Relief. In clinic neuropathy programs require patients to continue to travel to the clinic monthly and spend $1000’s every year to maintain their relief or else they get worse. Our patients continue with their home treatment at no additional cost to maintain their results!

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What About Other Neuropathy Treatments?

Unlike prescription medications that only mask the problem, our program addresses the underlying damage by stimulating regeneration of the blood vessels and nerves that cause your symptoms.

Our clinic differs from most other neuropathy clinics because our program is done mostly by the patients at home. We have found our patients are looking for this option as it saves them time and money versus in clinic-only treatments.

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We want to congratulate you on investing time to learn about how we can significantly improve your health and quality of life. We always recommend patients do their own research to become comfortable with our clinic.

Most people these days spend time reading reviews for a new restaurant or hotel, so it only makes sense to do the same to find the best treatment available.

We are confident that you won’t find a clinic with more positive patient feedback than ours and that gives our patients trust in our clinic.

The bottom line is the only way you will get better and change your quality of life now and in the future is by taking ACTION! The only way you will get better is by going through a treatment program.

If you still have more questions about our program, please see below for answers to common questions.

Then call our clinic and setup a FREE phone consultation so that we can help you get better. The ONLY thing you have to lose is your problem!

About Us

Our doctors have over 40+ years of combined experience treating patients with all types of conditions.

  • Board Certified in Neuropathy from ACOPM.

  • Clinic has guided over 100,000+ daily home sessions.

  • We also offer in clinic care if needed.

  • We Offer Phone or In-Clinic Consultation.

  • We have a strict NO WAITING policy in our Clinic.

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What our Patients Are Saying

Why Wait? Contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, our Doctors created this specific proprietary treatment protocol themselves over 9 years of treating patients. Our clinic has the experience of how to guide you through a successful program along with making sure you are getting effective clinical-grade treatment devices.

No, insurances only cover drugs, injections and surgeries for neuropathy. We do accept HSA and Flex spending.

Unlike massive drug companies and medical device manufacturers who can pay $30+ million dollars for clinical trials to get accepted into insurance, our program is ran and created by our doctors, not a major corporation.

Yes, we offer 24 month 0% interest financing.

No doctor can guarantee the body to heal. What our clinic guarantees is that we will try everything possible to make sure you get better. Our Doctors are very thorough in making sure patients are good candidates before starting care and that is what has lead to such a high success rate.

100% Yes. Our clinic is trusted by our local medical community. We receive referrals from medical doctors and neurologists for patients looking for more than drugs. We’ve also treated many doctors and nurses in our clinic as patients. You can also see countless success stories on our website and online reviews.

Not for helping patients reverse neuropathy

Yes, all treatments designed for patients at home are FDA Cleared devices for safety.

Most patients will begin to see an improvement in 2-4 weeks and most will reach a maximum improvement in 3-4 months.

Treatment is only 45 minutes. You just have to put the devices on and let them do the work while watching TV or reading a book.

No, not at all.

All devices are smaller than a shoe box.

No. They are silent.

While you will not have brand new feet after our program, the majority of our patients are 50-100% better after the program and can continue to maintain the relief at home ongoing with no additional cost.

Our clinic will guide you through the process, so you understand how to use the home device and follow the protocols. Patients tell us the home care is very easy to follow. Our clinic will also follow up with you at scheduled intervals to make sure you are getting better and can also make any changes to the protocols if needed. You may also call our clinic whenever you have questions or need help.

Once patients have completed the initial care program, we recommend they continue once every 1-2 weeks to make sure nothing comes back over time due to the aging process.

While our doctors created ou specific program over the past 9 years, the different types of devices have been used for over 30+ years across the world on all sorts of different health conditions.

The cost of our program is specific to each patients needs and the cost ranges from $23-33 per daily home session.

Nothing. Our initial care program includes everything patients need to continue with ongoing maintenance care. Other patients who go to clinics that require you to do all treatment in a clinic will have to continue paying roughly $1,000 every year to maintain their relief or else they get worse due to the aging process.

Yes, 2 year.

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