Gainswave ED treatment in Plymouth

A Breakthrough Solution for Men Seeking Better Erections & Optimal Sexual Performance in Plymouth

GAINSWave is a patented soundwave treatment for erectile dysfunction that has successfully treated over 50,000+ patients nationwide in over 400+ licensed clinics.

Being the first and most experienced GAINSWave providers in Plymouth and one of the busiest GAINSWave clinics in the country, we have experience helping guys just like you.

We understand talking about erectile dysfunction can be a sensitive topic, but it shouldn't stop you from getting better and enjoying your intimacy.


Erectile Dysfunction treatment that helps with Peyronie's, Curved Penis and Stronger Erections

Regenerative Care Plymouth MN Erectile Dysfunction

GAINSWave is scientifically proven and utilizes safe acoustic soundwaves to stimulate stem cells and growth factors to regenerate blood flow in the penis leading to better erections & spontaneity.

GAINSWave has helped many men get improvement in their Peyronie's, a condition which can lead to painful erections or a curved penis.

It has over a 75% success rate based on medical research to help men of all ages achieve and maintain stronger erections without pills or surgeries.

With each comfortable 20-minute GAINSWave session consisting of 5,000-10,000 acoustic wave pulses, our clinics in MN have delivered over 5,000+ GAINSWave procedures to patients.

Regenerative Treatment For Men Who Suffer With Erectile Dysfunction or Peyronie's Disease


We understand discussing ED can be a sensitive issue and we follow 100% discretion and confidentiality when protecting our patients privacy.

Patients Report:
Achieving Better Erections Spontaneous Erections
Maintaining Erections Longer Better Sensitivity
Stronger Erections Performing Like A Younger Man

Why not become one of the 50,000+ GAINSWave patients to see an increase in your bedroom confidence, spontaneity and perform as you did as a younger man?

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